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Adult Mistress Being Lovers To Married Men

When a woman decides to become the mistress of a married man, she knows there are certain boundaries that must not be crossed. The entire relationship must be handed with discretion and careful attention to daily routines, like what time of day to call, answer the phone, text online and plan for rendezvous. Where the lovers meet, greatly depends upon the depth and nature of the mistress relationship. Most such couples start out with lots of passion, but are understated and non-committal.

Over time, the mistress is sure to capture the desires and wants of her married suitor. If he is unhappy in the marriage, she will try to accommodate his needs for friendship, companionship, sexual acts and sometimes just to be his arm candy. You might ask, why would any woman want to be in such a position? The truth is that it can be a very powerful and lucrative place to be. When a man sees you as the doorway to passionate love that his wife has failed in being for him. That gentleman caller, he is sure to offer the world and more to the right minded woman.

Why does a woman let themselves engage in an extramarital sexual relationship with a married man?

The simple answer, it just happens. You don’t think that far ahead about it. Unless you are a professional mistress, then that is a whole different kind of fun and games. The professional mistress is something very valued by a married man, because she will keep his secrets private, give him everything a lover would and also let him believe anything he needs to about their relationship. It doesn’t matter, very often the mistress is well aware that her feelings for him, differ from his for her. She would never hurt him that way. So she keeps such things to herself.

If his desires are fore front in the mistress relationship, the married man will want her available to him on a moment’s notice. She may be asked to be ready and naked, the moment he arrives at her flat. His appetite for her will be as horny, as he is covert. He will lavish her with gifts, pay her rent, and buy her a car or anything in her heart’s desires. If he has been married long enough, he probably hasn’t had a great blowjob in quite some time. This can become a kind of currency, because married men are often too busy or stressed to have sexual intercourse. Getting him off easily, that is a married man’s favorite game in the bedroom.

How will the mistress and the married man, justify their kind of life? Is it really their fault or are they just victims of circumstance? Well, that really depends upon the individuals involved in the affair, but for the most part they never think about it. That is why it is important to keep things, as a no strings attached type relationship should be. Neither one wants a commitment, so neither one needs to feel worried about getting too hung up on the other one.

Just fun, friendship and fucking, all night long.

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