How to indulge yourself

When I worked all week at London escorts, I must admit that I like to indulge myself at least a little. A couple of the girls here at the best London escorts agency do the same thing and we all like to indulge our senses in different ways. One of my best friends at London escorts likes to book herself into one of the top spas once a month. I do enjoy the odd spa weekend, but once a month would be too much of a good thing for me.

I love to spend time with my Sugar Daddy when I am not at London escorts. He is one of those guys who appreciates all of the finer things in life, and I love that too. We may for instance go to Paris for the weekend just to have the pleasure of sitting outside to drink champagne. In the winter time, you are much more likely to find us wrapped up in our bathrobes in some 5 star hotel in the UK. I love it, and many of the girls I work with at London escorts, are indeed secretly jealous of me and my Sugar Daddy.

Mind you, I am not the only girl at London escorts who has got a Sugar Daddy. My friend Amy who works for a rival London escorts service, really appreciates the attention of her Sugar Daddy as well. He loves sex and she does as well. The only thing is that they love good sex in combination with good food, and their dream weekend away consists of sitting in bed and eating tasty morsels of each other. I have heard that they put the food in the most interesting places. Would it be my sort of thing? I am not sure about that.

My Sugar Daddy loves good food as well, but he prefers enjoying his meal in various fine restaurants. What we do afterwards is something completely different, but let me put it this way, we have our very own way of enjoying dessert together. I realise that I am a very lucky girl, and out of all the London escorts with Sugar Daddies, I think that I have got myself the best Sugar Daddy. He treats me like a real little lady and I love him for it.

Do I ever indulge myself when I am not with my Sugar Daddy? Well, if I have had a really good month at London escorts, I do like to indulge myself. I take a little bit of money and pop down to my favorite jewellery shop in Hatton Gardens. You see I have this thing about collecting antique charms, and when I have some cash to spare, I like to invest in a new charm or two. However, my Sugar Daddy knows all about my secret passion, and every so often he turns up with a new charm. That is what I calla real indulgence, and there is nothing like a charm to put a smile on a this girl’s face.

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