Married Sexual Adventures

Who says that it is wrong to indulge in sexual adventures when you are married? When I first started to date more senior gents at cheap London escorts, I noticed that many of them were hung about sexual adventures after marriage. It was a bit like they needed to let go of that part of their sex life once they got married. Some of them ended up with mistresses, others ended up talking to girls like me at London escorts. To be honest, I thought it all a bit weird.

There is nothing wrong with having sexual adventures after marriage, but I cannot see why you cannot enjoy them with your partner instead. When I am not too busy at London escorts on the weekends, I like to go swinging. If you ever have a chance to visit your average swingers community, you will find that there are plenty of married couples there. Of course, some of the girls here at London escorts go as well, but I would say that a lot of swingers are married couples. They are just continuing to enjoy their sex lives after marriage.

Some people can separate out their sex lives from married life, others cannot. It is really important to understand what kind of sexual animal you are in. I really don’t like to categorize people at all, but sometimes I think that you have to do that. There are days at London escorts when I find myself trying to give people a classification. I have to say that some of the gents that I meet at cheap London escorts are braver than others. There is nothing wrong with being not so brave sexually, I think that there are many ways you can indulge your sexual fantasies.

First of all depends on what your sexual fantasy consists of. I know that many of the ladies that I have work with at London escorts like to involve stuff like 4 poster beds in their sexual fantasies. The thing with fantasies is that they move on. One minute you are dreaming of a 4 poster bed, and the next minute you are dreaming about being tied up in that 4 poster bed. Here at the greatest cheap London escorts website we get to here all sorts of stories. It is not a problem and many of them are funny.

The stories may seem funny to us, but that does not mean that they are funny to the guys that we date. Some of the gents that I have met at London escorts are surprised to find that their sexual dreams and fantasies linger when they get married. It is a bit like they expect that gold ring will make their sexual fantasies go away. I don’t think that is true at all. As a couple you should never feel guilty about your sexual fantasies. It would be a better idea to indulge your fantasies instead. I think that would make for a much healthier and sexier marriage. Maybe I should be a marriage counsellor.

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