February 2016

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But bondage with London escorts… First of all, I didn’t know anything about bondage. I though it only involved handcuffs and perhaps a spanked bottom, but it turns out there is a lot more than that. The dominatrix from Heathrow escorts services asked me if I was married. I said no, I am not. She smiled and said good, I can tie you a bit tighter in that case. That was the first thing that had me really worried but I let her go ahead anyway. So she tied my wrist together none to gently, I have to say.

I know that Heathrow escorts services is a really good agency, so I wasn’t expecting anything to extreme to happen. Many gents do use this service from Heathrow escorts and I thought I would be fine. But, I soon realized that the dominatrix wanted to tie my feet together as well. That scared me a bit as I would not be able to run anywhere. She put me on the floor and started to tickle me with a light feather stick. It felt nice on my back and I did giggle a little bit. But, I should have giggled…

Face down on the floor with a crazy woman from Heathrow escorts services, I realized how vulnerable I was but I couldn’t stop giggling from the touch of the feather. The lady was nice and kept smiling at me, but all of a sudden her face changed, and she started to spank my bottom. I wasn’t prepared at all. She asked me if I enjoyed and I said I was scared. Scared are you, she said, and tied me even harder. By now I was getting really worried and the feeling of the escorts in Heathrow dungeon was overwhelming me. I wanted out, this wasn’t for me at all.

Fortunately, we had what is known as break words and I had to tell her to stop. I just wanted to go home close the door and forget this evil place existed. In the end, I got dressed really quickly and dashed out. But instead of going home straight away, I went to a pub. It wasn’t until the bar man handed me my pint, I realized that I still had leather straps tied to both of my wrists. The cord that held them together was gone, but it was obvious the bar man knew what I had been up to. he just gave me one of those smiles. I swore that I would never use the dominatrix services at escorts in Heathrow again.…

Another deputy fired with Goforth mistress connection
Goodrich is the latest Harris County Sheriff's Office employee to be fired for having contact with Dep. Goforth's alleged mistress. Earlier this week, we learned Marc DeLeon has a relationship with the same woman. In October, Harris County Sgt. Craig
Woman claiming to be Goforth's mistress speaks exclusively to ABC13WLS-TV

Third Texas deputy linked to mistress of slain colleague Darren Goforth fired in internal affairs investigationNew York Daily News
SECOND deputy Marc DeLeon fired for affair with mistress of a married colleagueDaily Mail
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Gerard Baden-Clay's desire to be with his mistress was enough to murder wife Allison
Daily Mail
Gerard Baden-Clay's conduct after the death of his wife Allison could be considered 'disproportionate' to that of a man who had unintentionally killed his wife. That's one of the arguments put forward by Queensland's director of public prosecutions in
Baden-Clay: 'Why it was murder'Courier Mail

Gerard Baden-Clay's lies after killing point to intent: DPP9news.com.au
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